Leaving Philadelphia (EP)

by Tricka

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released June 18, 2013

Thank you thank you to Mr. Gage for letting me use his recording equipment, basement, and for doing technological things that I should probably learn to do some day
Songs written and played by me
Faces in album artwork illustrated by Brian Zdancewicz



all rights reserved


Tricka Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

"what you'd expect of a teen"
-New York Times

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Track Name: Highways
Soon you'll be taking highways but I can only get to you on bicycle
Your books have been grabbing cobwebs they're just as opposed as I am to having spiders for friends
Cobwebs on the front of church stairs where we used to dance
Cobwebs on the streetlights we'd drive past singing
We'll never be ready to grow up
Track Name: My Madness
In my madness I felt it last
With more noise than ever we still pass

I give it up I put my hope in the fact that I'll make mistakes the same unmistakable ache

The beauty must be the end
The last thing is what you can't get
Track Name: Papier-mâché Faces
Rolling and crashing into hills wondering when
When it will end all of us
Now we're falling
Falling bare footed over mountains we cannot tell
Tell their age
Now we're spinning
Spinning stars hoping
Hoping they'll fall right off the page

Ripping pages paper macheing faces we know we'll never see again
Track Name: Track 04
Have you felt the need to reminisce yet?
Because the bottom of my closet smells like beer and cigarettes
Have you felt like fixing your car window so it opens
I bet you haven't had the chance to breathe since you left

So tell me how it all works out
How will they hide themselves

You're just getting old and I don't listen to anyone who's got their shit together
Dumb kids soon to lose the fear once you're gone you disappear
Wise wise children how much more they understand
Track Name: Why I'm Lucky
Most of the time I can deny the fact I love you
I would die comfortably knowing there'd be nothing to feel
Tell me why I'm lucky if I've been here before
Oh why I'm lucky why the lord jesus christ has saved us all

And I want nothing out of loving you

The feeling of driving away feels better than what could have been
Where are the lines that I'll hug until the end I've been crossing them
Oh I'm so lucky how come no one's told me before
Oh why I'm lucky why our thinking minds were born